Custom Packaging

Turn heads and capture market share with our full-scale and highly innovative packaging solutions.

In today's competitive market place, first impressions matter more than ever. When it comes to packaging, shelf presence is a significant factor in whether a consumer chooses your product or that of a competitor. We are here to help you win. The packaging division at DCG ONE will provide you with solutions that create exceptional brand presence. From elegant packaging to support your marketing efforts to well-performing folding cartons for automatic fulfillment lines, DCG ONE creates packaging that protects brand integrity while delivering great product visibility.

Our structural design and testing capabilities will get your product to market more quickly and in excellent condition. From simple cartons to highly engineered specialty boxes, our process is smart and streamlined. Whether you design the graphics or outsource the creative, our CAD templates will ensure accurate art placement, saving you time and money. CAD cut samples are created on a sample maker equipped with an optical registration system for full color prototypes. After the structure of your package has been approved, our packaging specialists create an optimized print layout to achieve the most efficient use of material, letting you do your part for the environment while reducing production costs.

When your final proof has been approved, the very same CAD file that created the art placement template is used to create the cutting tool, ensuring that what you envisioned at the outset of the project is what you hold in your hands at the end of the process. Whether your project is complex or straightforward, you can count on DCG ONE's packaging division to provide a customer service experience that exceeds your highest expectations.

Packaging Samples