Seattle Seahawks

Re-up. Renew.

Coming off a championship season the Seahawks were tasked to deploy a renewal website that built off the energy surrounding the team. DCG ONE built a fully responsive micro site in record time to meet the demand and schedule of the sales team enabling the campaign to launch.


Seating, Suites & Sales

Working directly with the Corporate Partnerships & Suites Sales, DCG ONE reshaped the premium seating and suites experience for The objective: Establish a story driven experience that presented seating products based on amenities and gameday experience on all levels. The resulting solution enabled sales staff to showcase products while consulting with customers over the phone closing transactions promptly. This initiative led directly to consulting with NFL Digital for improving the premium seating product experience NFL-wide.

Homepage Revamp

In 2013 The Seahawks entrusted DCG ONE with a redesign of the club’s homepage design and navigation. Working closely with the Seahawks in-house team and NFL Digital, DCG ONE reshaped the user experience for better information and news flow, while simplifying the design to better showcase the team brand. The resulting page design complimented the brand while organizing news and feeds into easily consumable sections resulting in a template solution that became the new standard for many clubs throughout the NFL.


Superbowl Supporters.
DCG ONE designed info graphics aimed at stoking the social media-sphere and web news channels with ample trash talk pre game.

Supporting the 12th Man

More than just a digital agency, we at DCG ONE are huge fans. Supporting the 12th man, the Seattle Seahawks fan base, was a chance to show our support through design of graphics and site pages across multiple initiates. Beast quake, 12th Man Flag raisers, social media visuals — DCG ONE improved the representation of supporting community that make game day with the Seahawks the loudest in the NFL.

Blue Pride Program

Entering the 2013 Season the Seahawks found themselves in a unique position having sold out seating for season tickets. The team implemented a priority wait list program Blue Pride and engaged DCG ONE to design and deploy the digital. In short order, DCG ONE designed a micro site and graphics to promote the program. Blue Pride surpassed expectations outselling the targeted goal and served as key sales tool in delivering the benefits of the program.

Twelve’s Flag.
Originally designed as an icon for a digital initiative, the small flag graphic grew. The rest is sports history.