American Express

Reduce manual task management.

The FINE HOTELS & RESORTS (FH&R) program within American Express consists of 800+ worldwide luxury hotels that provide an array of special amenities and benefits for American Express Platinum and Centurion Card Members. The properties all require personalized attention and service from the FH&R team in order to make the program a success. Prior to the Partner Portal, all aspects of partner management were done manually, limiting the time the team had to work on more strategic initiatives.


DCG ONE created an all-encompassing online partner management portal that provides real-time access for individual properties to manage all aspects of their relationship with FH&R. Sales reports, special offer development, on-demand direct mail creation, asset managers – it’s all in there. And now, the FH&R team can spend more time on strategic initiatives to ensure that the program continues to grow.



FINE HOTELS & RESORTS – Self-Serve Direct Mail Application

FINE HOTELS & RESORTS (FH&R) hotel partners have the unique opportunity to extend offers to Platinum® Card Members using direct mail. However, hiring creative agencies to create custom direct mail can be expensive and time consuming. Adding to the complexity, there are a variety of American Express brand standards that must be followed when creating the direct mail.

To simplify this process, DCG ONE created a custom direct mail builder enabling hotel partners to create brand-approved direct mail all from the comfort of their own desk. Upload your photos, logo and copy, proof the piece and hit go! From there, the direct mail is printed and sent out to targeted Card Members looking for great hotel offers from their favorite luxury brands and American Express.

Save time and make presentations look great with a Dynamic Scorecard Builder

The Hotel Collection program within American Express is a new benefit for Card Members that delivers incremental hotel amenities when paying with certain American Express cards. The Hotel Collection features hundreds of properties across the world, and in order to maintain the best results from hotel partners, a quarterly scorecard is created and presented to the hotel.

Developing hundreds of scorecards was not only time consuming, but often the presentations ended up being off-brand. To solve this problem, DCG ONE created a custom scorecard builder that allow the team to upload a simple Excel file online that instantly creates a fully custom PowerPoint scorecard presentation that can be delivered to the hotel partner.